FAQ Section!

# Question Answer
1 Is it possible to install Case Designer program to install more than once? No, for each installation, a separate license key is necessary.
2 Is it possible to de-install CaseDesigner program for installing it on another PC? If you have a full license you need our special de-installer. Please contact our support for it. If you use a trial version, it is not possible to re-install it on another PC.
3 The PC with CaseDesigner program has to be replaced, is renamed or is defective. What is to do? Please contact our support!
4 Is it possible to run the program on an Apple computer? CaseDesigner is a Windows program. It can be run on an Apple computer with "Boot Camp" installation and Windows 7 or above.
5 I have problems to download CaseDesigner program. AVAST antivirus program stops it. Allow it in this antivirus programs to download CaseDesigner exe-files.
6 Which CaseDesigner license is the right one for me? Please refer to our overview. You can order the license in our webshop. There are also all the details of licenses are shown.
7 What happens if my support contract has expired after one year? In this case you would not get e-mail support, any updates for new flight case models or program functions in future.
8 Can I use components from other manufacturers in CaseDesigner? CaseDesigner is a Penn Elcom product and therefore tailored to our very wide range of products. You can add up to 50 external components (no profiles, panels, foam or case fittings!). These can be used as additional flight case equipment and for calculating. Please watch our video tutorials in Helpdesk.
9 I have placed an items order with CaseDesigner, but they did not arrive. Why is that? This may be due to your firewall settings. Please set CaseDesigner program free for internet access.
10 After installing and starting the program, the screen display is faulty. Why is that? Check in the Control Panel under "Programs" if Microsoft .NET Framework is installed from version 4 (not a beta version). If you are using more than one monitor for flight case design with CaseDesigner, an identical resolution must be set for both monitors.
11 Why is it not possible to fill numbers into the input masks? My keyboard is fine ... Make sure that the function "Num" ( Num Lock) is not enabled on your keyboard.